Fernbrook School Enrolment

Fernbrook school is a small Independent School located at 16 Celvedon Road, The Basin in Victoria. We currently offer education for children starting at Prep up to Year 8, with Year 9 and 10 expected to be offered in 2023 or 2024. 

Each year level is capped at an average of 10 students and as such there are very limited spots available at each enrolment intake. The enrolment process is outlined below and we strongly recommend early submission of applications to avoid disappointment. 


About Fernbrook School

Fernbrook School is a dynamic, lively and engaging school with a strong focus on social interactions and multi-age learning. Children and Families enrolled at Fernbrook School are expected and encouraged to abide by the underlying philosophies of the school that have a strong focus on child led learning, multi-age social interactions, multidisciplinary learning and dynamic learning environments. Some of our underlying principles are described in greater detail below:


We have multiple and varied learning areas including classrooms, both small and large group activity areas and outdoor learning spaces including a large private natural bushland setting. We utilise these areas on a daily basis with students moving between learning areas as required. We have less emphasis on fixed seating arrangements or allocated desks and learning activities can often be spontaneous.


Fernbrook School is best described as a lively environment both during class time and breaks, where children are allowed to be children. We fully utilise our facilities and school grounds during the daily learning process and our children are encouraged to play, explore and push their boundaries. We have whole school breaks where children of all ages are free to interact with each other allowing the older children to act as mentors and the younger children to remind the older children of the joys of creative playtime.


At the core of our learning philosophy is child led learning. Our children are encouraged to take an active role in their own development and learning resulting in an education pathway that is both engaging and rewarding. Our teaching staff are there to guide and mentor the children and are highly experienced in weaving multiple subjects into the learning process. We have a strong focus on hands-on project based activities that provide children with multidisciplinary learning with emphais on core skills such as resilience, independence and self-motivation.


The Enrolment Process

Thank you for your interest in Fernbrook School! If you believe we’re the right fit, we encourage you to review the enrolment information below and complete the Enrolment Expression of Interest form below.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at all.

Expression of Interest

Use the form below to submit an Expression of Interest for your child or children. Once submitted a member of our staff will be in contact with you to arrange the next steps and request further information.

School Tour

School tours are a mandatory requirement for all potential enrolments. During your tour you will be able to see first hand what our school is like and get a clear understanding of whether it is the right school for your child or children. We endeavour to hold regular school tours however our schedule may change at short notice due to Covid restrictions.

Enrolment Application

The next step in the enrolment process will be to complete an official Enrolment Application. Either during or shortly after your tour you will be provided with an information pack and an Enrolment Application. Due to heavy demand for places we recommend completing these as quickly as possible.

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Enrolment Expression of Interest

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