About Fernbrook School

Fernbrook School came to be, because a small group of passionate people held a common belief. We observed from experience, that the ways children learn are many and varied.  Children need to move, play and explore.  They need to feel a connection; to people, to place and to what they are learning. We found that these things are not being considered or provided for in many current educational models and settings. 

Our mission is to create a dynamic, creative, engaging learning place for all children. A place where they can feel connected and valued.

The true joy of an independent school is that we have the freedom to reflect on what we see as best practice from around the world and are then able to weave these practices together in such a way that we create an intricate tapestry of teaching and learning. 

The beauty of the tapestry is best appreciated through experience rather than words, which is why we invite you to visit us and spend time in our learning environment to see it for yourself.  Please, come and see!


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